Enjoying the simple things, from drinks to desserts, on hot summer days.
Pandemic has made drinking everyday seem, well, normal. Should it be?
Recipes that comfort and soothe
A hearty (and fast) bolognese, a cheesy skillet orzo bake and a shawarma/souvlaki mashup
Plus a summery enchilada recipe & a cocktail book you MUST read
Cocktail Hour? Recipe callSo, after my last post about reducing my drinks per week, I’d love to hear what your go-to cocktail recipe is. Mine is probably a margarita with…
Plus, three things I'm loving right now
Chourico adds smoky depth to New England-style fish cakes
Plus, classy shots, strawberry rhubarb tiramisu, and tips for stunning snack spreads
...rotisserie chicken is on your side
A light at the end of the tunnel
Plus, a reinvigorated BLT, and an ode to fresh lima beans