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Welcome to The Messy Kitchen, a newsletter chock-full of good eats plus cooking tips, and whatever else comes to mind. I’m far from a perfect cook living a perfect life; life gets messy, some meals are mediocre, and there are nights when even I don’t feel like cooking. But taking risks in the kitchen, making messes, and having fun is all that really matters. In the words of Auguste Gusteau from Ratatouille, “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” I want you to be fearless in the kitchen; to enjoy the act of cooking, and to know, in the end, that as long as you’re enjoying the process and the food, that’s all that matters. So, here’s to messy kitchens, messy, imperfect lives, and the beauty that comes from them. Cheers!

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Grace Kelly

I'm a writer with an affinity for all things food. Based in Providence, Rhode Island.